An executive format: MCA is structured with 10 two-day class sessions over seven months, two full immersion retreats and a study trip;

Topics: Strategic Thinking, Business Management, Frontiers of Science and Technology;

Group work: working with a team to write the business plan for a new product (science- and innovation-based);

Focus on a global challenge: the focus of the year 2014 was Energy;

The focus of the year 2015 will be Ageing Towards Perfection.

Special meetings: frontal lessons, colloquia, team working, and special meetings with investors, entrepreneurs and managers of global companies;

Web for knowledge and improvement: a special web area dedicated to the class, with the complete digital videolibrary of MCA, the project management system and a permanent evaluation platform.

Three main areas include all MCA courses and syllabi: Business Starters, Thinking Out-of-the-Box and Disruptive Science; the frontal lessons are integrated by the special colloquia, the resident sessions, the group work and the open events.

The official language of MCA is English.


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