For an innovation-based career

The goal of the course is to provide doctoral students, researchers, civil servants, young professionals and entrepreneurs with the global vision and the tools for developing independent and original thinking strategies, along with the fundamentals of scientific methods and of economics, finance, and business management.

The MCA aims to foster the formation of a new generation of leaders with a specific focus on innovation.

“In its first two editions, MCA has seen many of its students, at the end of their training, be employed by outstanding companies, like Intel, Gruppo Generali, Alenia Aeronautica, Bain & Company, Pipistrel.

Some others have transformed their ideas into business realities: four start-up companies are born from the business plans realized during the Master.

Others have continued a career in science, equipped with a renewed, more inclusive look.

All of them, thanks to a seven-month period of study and intense exchange, have built their own, personal way to address challenges, relying not only on education but also on elasticity, curiosity and collaboration – attitudes that make it easier and effective any form of courage.” (Guido Martinelli, Director of SISSA)


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